Friday, October 4, 2013

A Clay Box

Two joined pinch pots look like a potato.

    Forming a cube shape with clay tools.

    Additional shaping with hands.

   Perfecting the cube shape.

   Labeling room & initials.

    Finalizing cube shape. 

    A perfect cube. 

    Labeling cube.


    Cutting off lid.

    Using the wire tool.

    Cut lid.

    The base & box lid.

Alphabet Art


    Initial Alphabet Art

    Adding Connecting Letters

    Tracing Over Capital Letters

    Coloring New Shapes

    Alphabet Art

    Alphabet Art

    Alphabet Art

The Color Wheel

    Primary Colors

    Painted Primary Colors

    Created Orange

    Mixing Yellow & Blue

    Painting Violet
    Making Green

    Painted Color Wheel